A memory management scheme by which a computer stores and retrieves data from secondary storage for use in main memory.
A fixed-length contiguous block of virtual memory, described by a single entry in the page table. It is the smallest unit of data for memory management in a virtual memory operating system.
Page Frame
"Storage Unit"
The smallest fixed-length contiguous block of physical memory into which memory pages are mapped by the operating system.
Page Table
The data structure used by a virtual memory system in a computer operating system to store the mapping between virtual addresses and physical addresses.
Page Table Entry
Not formal.
Each mapping of virtual addresses to physical addresses.
Computer Memory
The computer hardware devices used to store information for immediate use in a computer.
Translation Lookaside Buffer
A cache that memory management hardware uses to improve virtual address translation speed.
A hardware or software component that stores data so future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the result of an earlier computation, or the duplicate of data stored elsewhere.